The Cycle Diet

The Cycle Diet Weight Loss Longevity Handbook for Fast and Maximum Weight Loss and Improved Longevity. For $2.99, Click here to purchase the Amazon Kindle ebook and follow your 11 day diet on the go. The Cycle Diet uses the Risk Factor Theory to summarize weight gain and longevity to include Food Selection, Physical Activity, Stress, Metabolism, and Fat Utility. Surprisingly the Risk Factor, Physical Activity, can be minimized to 20 minutes three times per week to successfully lose fat pounds. The Cycle Diet Handbook is an innovative approach to lose weight and improve your youthful appearance and add years to your life. Scientifically designed and incorporates proven medical principles, for example, breakfast is the most important meal of the day – except when you want to lose weight. Concise and simple to understand with an easy diet schedule which enables you to easily incorporate to maximize your weight loss potential.

In addition, changing your diet to the latest fad diet will not work for long as most people gravitate back to their personal diet. The reason for this is because we are unique in that our diet and daily activities in many ways define us and are different for everyone. Why not eat smart with your existing diet?

The first steps of the proven effective results of The Cycle Diet is to get you body to begin using your ketogenic fuel burning mechanisms. This is established by eating one hour after waking and discontinuing food consumption after 6pm. In addition, decrease consumption of complex carbohydrates without dietary fiber, like pasta, potatoes, rice. Try this for one month and you will recognize the power of The Cycle Diet.

Proper food combinations are powerful and studies show that this is an effective approach to combat obesity. From this perspective, our affinity for what we eat is less pliable to change than the right food combinations of our desired foods and that is why The Cycle Diet is so successful. Proper use of carbohydrate cycling can also improve body mass index in athletes for increased performance. The Cycle Diet Weight Loss Longevity Handbook was originally published for a wellness medical clinic and has a proven track record. It is especially effective for safe weight loss having a recorded range of 2 to 7 fat pounds per 11 day cycle.

Personalized Interactive Diet Instruction

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Drastic Lifestyle Changes not Required

Its proven that people gravitate back to their normal diet

The Cycle Diet Hand Book


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