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Yang Zhi Herbal's Chinese Lip Balm is an effective herbal herpes cure and treatment that is affordable. Client Reviews. One Chinese herb Xiao Ku Chao or Prunella Vulgaris contained in our herpes cream is found mostly along the Yang Tse River. Its safe and strong effectiveness against all members of the herpes family: herpes simplex I (cold sores), herpes zoster (shingles) and herpes simplex II (genital herpes). This Chinese herb has been used in Traditional Eastern Medicine for centuries as a topical agent against bacteria and fungus and orally for hypertension. Most recently, it has been shown to have herpes simplex activity superior to prescription creams. In 1999, our results showed resolution of active cold sores within 3 days for individuals with severe recurrent episodes (8 to 10 outbreaks per year). Vaccine treatment for Double Stranded DNA like HSV has been successful in eradication as per Small Pox. Chicken Pox vaccines have largely been successful and this herpes family virus presentation is generalized skin tissue. A recurrence named Shingles may present and is likely a result of the longevity of the memory cells amplified by the vaccine. But, HSV I and II hibernate in nerve ganglia of specific tissue that are fairly superficial yet antibodies cannot penetrate. As we know, vaccine technology amplify antibody protection. Since these memory fighting cells cannot get in the nerve ganglia associated with this specific tissue they cannot eradicate the HSV I and II virus. Thus improvement in harboring the virus or reducing duration of virus expression is this technology or method of treatments best outcome. With the appropriate skin absorbing safe base like our Chinese Lip Balm and unlike DMSO, continued use may penetrate the superficial ganglia that HSV harbor with minimal damage to surrounding tissue.

For genital herpes, one application after warm shower and let dry for five minutes prior to clothing daily is sufficient to stop most recurrence of herpes simplex II. An improved rate of active cold sores resolution has also been shown with the combination of Yang Zhi Herbal and ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is an over-the-counter non-steroid anti-inflammatory medication that in most cases will reduce the inflammation and swelling of active herpes blisters or sores but may worsen cold sores if used separate. Recurrent acne around the lips, nose, and chin area that do not respond to conventional acne treatment may be the herpes simple virus (HSV). This type of acne which surface around the mouth area typically does not improve for weeks and may not completely resolve. Also effective after shaving the face when you apply our Lip Balm to prevent cold sores. Our formulated Chinese Herbal Lip Balm Emollient has two mechanisms of action. It stops the Cold Sore and Herpes Virus from replicating which stops the unsightly blisters from forming. This herpes cure will also kill the herpes virus on contact which helps to limit your risk of getting a herpes infection. Yang Zhi Herbal Chinese Lip Balm gives high penetration, transparent, and odorless protection against the virus and protects and prevents against drying, cracking, scaring and reduce tissue damage of lips.

In May of 2003 according to WebMD Health News an experimental herpes treatment derived from a herb know as Prunella vulgaris may one day help prevent and treat both types of the herpes virus that cause cold sores and genital herpes. The results of the study were presented at the 103rd General meeting of the American Society for Microbiology in Washington, D.C. Laboratory tests showed that Prunella has a different type of anti-herpes action than currently available treatment, such as Zovirax. Other research among 78 cases of genital herpes treated by Prunella showed a cure was effected in 38 and and improvement in 37 participants with 3 showing no benefit. Yang Zhi Herbal Topical Treatments using Traditional Eastern Chinese Medicine for common skin states can be purchased individually using PayPal or Credit Card. Our cost effective 10g pocket size Chinese Lip Balm has a long history of success. 90 day Full Refund Guarantee. Yang Zhi Herbal Products where Traditional Chinese Formulation is the Difference.

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