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Buy Chinese Cold Sore Prunella Treatment Cream Cure 10g. With many happy repeat customers since 1999, Yang Zhi Herbal Products client base did not know that one active cold sore ingredient in our Chinese Lip Balm was Prunella, yet continued to repurchase. Client Reviews. Since 2000 we have diligently presented the effectiveness of Prunella to the general public. Currently, there is an enormous amount of positive literature on Prunella and its effectiveness against the HSV Virus. The reason for this buying success is because it really works. Yang Zhi Herbal Chinese Lip Balm also provides strong lip protection against human elements and provides prevention of cold sore recurrence. Not only is it effective against recurrence of cold sores but will reduce lip blisters in one day when used every hour. For fast resolution do not open blisters. It is important for consumers to recognize the full strength of Prunella and its treatment success of all members of the herpes family.

Most people plagued with recurring cold sores have tried one product successfully but on the next out break the product does not work. The drying agent Blistex is a prime example. This is called resistence and other herbal products fit this as well. Our Chinese Lip Balm shows no signs of resistance or loss of strength against herpes and in addition, shelf life is outstanding. Prunella is not effective orally but if your current cream is effective it is because of Prunella. Remember, herbal cold sore treatment prior to the full internet disclosure of Prunella was mostly a scam. There is no study showing an other herbal ingredient superior to acyclovir topical which is equivalent to placebo. Make a Prunella cream yourself if you want but why went a proven treatment is nominal.

Anyways, efforts in antiviral treatment should revolve around stopping or curing the symptoms and preventing the spread to others. Current treatment does not reduce the spread to others as demonstrated by no reduction in HSV infections over the past 20 years. Once infected, nothing will stop the Herpes Virus from heading straight to nerve cells where they stay latent for the life of the person often causing periodic outbreaks. Yang Zhi herbal Products does believe, however, that studies will eventually substantiate the theory that killing the virus on contact will reduce transmission and preliminary studies of the 7 day cream shows that reduction in transmission is possible.

Strong support relayed by media outlets like WebMD and Reuters proclaim Prunella will stop or reduce the symptoms of outbreaks and the duration of outbreaks but does not cure you of the virus. Yang Zhi Herbal Products provides secure PayPal payment transactions. PayPal provides a 60-day transaction guarantee even if you do not have a PayPal account. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced a joint effort to stamp out such products the author has concern with in 2011. In fairness, most of these products now contain Prunella, but herbal combinations are not well studied.

Drug-drug interaction studies is a big reason Western Medicine is superior although Traditional Chinese Medicine typically deters shot gun therapy. Comparable herb-herb interaction studies for TCM is lacking. Yang Zhi Herbal Products welcomes double blind studies comparing our product with any other including prescription. Prunella has been scientifically shown to kill the virus on contact and stop replication of the herpes family.

Recent research also shows that the 7-day pharmaceutical cream can prevent transfer of HSV for seven days and thus show the potential impact of effective creams. Herbal supplements in general have been helpful to the general public and place less reliance on pharmaceutical companies. Documented Research as far back as 1999 demonstrate that Prunella, unlike the acyclovir family , may be an effective topical treatment for herpes simplex virus Type 2. When formulated properly this Chinese plant stops virus growth inside the cells and prevents infection by stopping the virus from binding to the cells. These conclusions are based on observation of early and late stages of infection that stopped both growth of the virus and production of plaques. Research also demonstrated equal effectiveness for both types of herpes including strains known to be resistant to the acyclovir family. The way to prevent genital herpes and other STD's from spreading is to use (or have your partner use) a latex condom during sex, limit your number of sexual partners and avoid intercourse when one partner has an active herpes outbreak. The best way to prevent herpes from spreading is NOT through suppressive (daily) oral drug therapy AND is not recommended by the American Medical Association and the pharma manufacturer makes clear of the risk of transmission in the absence of symptoms through asymptomatic viral shedding on their insert.

Stop the recurrence of cold sores and protect your lips from adverse elements. The base cream in Yang Zhi Herbal Chinese Lip Balm reduce scaring if used after outbreaks and Prunella can prevent outbreaks if used before blisters form and rapidly resolves active blisters. The base and locking element protect against drying, cracking, scaring and reduce tissue damage. Continued evidence suggest correlates between virus and cancer hence the long term benefits of Yang Zhi Herbal Chinese Lip Balm should continue to be studied.

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